Homestay with Costa Rican families:

Living with a host family is the easiest way for students to experience Costa Rican culture and practice their Spanish. Our homestays tend to be one of the main highlights of studying abroad at Veritas.

Many of our homestay families have worked with Veritas for several years. New families are personally interviewed and vetted by our staff, including a home visit to ensure that the accommodations meet our standards. We evaluate homestay accommodations based on: distance from the university, general neighborhood environment, overall appearance, cleanliness, size of the home, student accommodations and living space. Most importantly, Veritas considers the family’s motivation for wanting to host study abroad students.

Students will have a private room, and will be provided breakfast and dinner 7 days a week. Laundry service is provided once a week. Lunch can be purchased on or near campus during the week for $4-10. All families live within walking distance (less than 1.5 kilometers) from campus. Veritas also provides a shuttle for students with evening classes or extracurricular activities. The safety of our students is priority.

If you wish to stay with a host family, please specify on the application, and fill out the housing form.

The Homestay program is $29 per day.

Contact Pamela Badilla, our Student Affairs and Homestay Coordinator, at the Center for International Programs with questions about homestay. She can be reached at or (+506) 2246-4645.


Student residencies located near campus. Students will need to personally contact the landlords, negotiate rent, and pay an initial deposit. Veritas staff can point you in the right direction, but will not arrange these living situations for you.