The Veritas University Biocenter in Guanacaste will be a home for workshops, courses and community outreach activities that support the university’s new pillar of innovation and sustainability. Its permaculture design makes it a “Self-sustaining Bioclimatic Center.” With the support of a multidisciplinary team of biologists, sociologists, architects, designers and students, the Biocenter will offer onsite, community-based trainings in areas such as natural resource use, waste management, integrated agroecological systems and permaculture. An outreach and engagement program will help Vertias students and staff to better understand local needs, in order to positively intervene while also learning about the vital cultural practices that support agroecological systems—information that could be key to establishing replicable, community-level sustainability models. The Biocenter will also serve as the hub for collaborative projects with the local government of Liberia and other organizations throughout the region.