Certificate Program

For students interested in a particular area of study, Veritas offers semester program certificates. Students choose 4 courses that interest them and one Spanish Learning Course in order to earn a certificate of knowledge in the field of choice by the end of the semester.

Refer to English taught courses for a description of each course.

Global Leadership

  • Creative Leadership
  • Intercultural Communication
  • International Business
  • International Economics and Latin America
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Environmental Policy and Sustainability Awareness

  • Environment awareness and sustainable development
  • Costa Rican environmental policy
  • Sustainable consumption and production
  • Conservation biology and endangered marine species or
  • Agroecology and sustainable food systems or
  • Climate change and renewable energies or
  • Environmental Impact and social development

International Marketing and Communication

  • International Marketing
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Sustainable consumption and production
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Creative Leadership

Tropical & Environmental Sciences

  • Tropical Ecology
  • Tropical Marine Biology
  • Land Vertebrates of Costa Rica
  • Introduction to Genetics: current applications
  • Neotropical Ornithology: Birds of Costa Rica
  • Tropical Botany: Useful Plant Workshop
  • Conservation Biology of Endagered Marine Species
  • Freshwater Ecology

Artistic Development

  • Latin American Art & Architecture
  • Art Fundamentals: theory and practice
  • Basic Principle of Drawing or
  • Muralism and Public Art or
  • Tropical Architecture and Design or
  • Religious Art & Architecture

Human Rights and Conflict Resolution

  • Costa Rican tradition of Peace and Democracy
  • Human Rights in Latin America
  • Creative Conflict Resolution
  • Cultural Psychology
  • Intercultural Communication

Healthcare Approaches and Systems

  • Costa Rican Health Care and Tropical Medicine
  • Alternative Health Approaches
  • Health Psychology
  • Conflict resolution and Healthcare or
  • Introduction to Physical Therapy

Latin American Politics

  • International Relations in Latin America
  • Human Rights in Latin America
  • Migration Issues: The Costa Rican case
  • Costa Rican Environmental Policy or
  • Costa Rican Economic and Human development or
  • Contemporary Latin American History