Gap Year

This program is designed for students who wish to explore the possibilities of cultural immersion while gaining practical experience in their area of interest. Each program offers a unique journey of growth and personal discovery. With over 20 years of experience in study abroad programs, Veritas is the ideal setting for experiential education and intercultural

STEM - Conservation Biology and Community Outreach

This program includes field work with turtle and shark research projects and community environmental and permaculture education outreach in the Guanacaste area.

Duration: 5 months onward

ART - Creative artistic Design and Innovation

Collective Design Atelier: Taught in English, this is a creative workshop experience during which students will assemble their design/art portfolio. Students are able to take 5 courses in a period of 6 months to attain artistic knowledge and experience.

Duration: 6 months


Adventuresome and athletically-inclined students learn through kinetic experiences in this hands-on program. For a month and a half, they will explore water and land activities conducive to our coastal center. Students have the option to become certified scuba divers (or may choose to snorkel if unable to dive), take surf lessons, try their hand at river rafting, experience zip-lining, express themselves through open art workshops, connect to earth through sustainable gardening and relax with yoga classes in the evenings.

Duration: 5 weeks

BUSINESS & COMMUNICATIONS - Spanish Language & Communications

Students will take Spanish “survival” classes, as well as communication courses associated with leadership skills, multicultural communication, teamwork and communication . They will explore what students from other programs are doing to create educational or campaign materials.

Duration: 3 months onward