Center for International Programs

International Relations – International Exchange Office

The International relations office for the International Programs department at Veritas University facilitates outbound exchange programs for local, career-seeking students with partner universities around the world.

Business – Travel Agency

Travel agency with over 20 years of experience in Costa Rica’s tourism sector, geared toward young students participating in study abroad programs. Located within the Veritas campus, students will have the opportunity to get involved in several extracurricular activities with local and international students.

Education – Primary School

Interns will assist public school educators in low income areas by teaching English to children. Interns will also have the option to help children with their homework, provide additional tutoring, plan/assist with recreational activities, conduct art/dance-related exercises, encourage various levels of self-expression among the children, and support routine school maintenance.

Education – ESL

The main objective of the English as a Second Language (ESL) program is to provide accessible, fun and conversational English lessons to Veritas University staff, local students and host family members. Classes are held twice a week in the evenings at Veritas University. The program is split into four groups, based on the level of Spanish: Intro, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Groups vary in size.The ESL program seeks applicants who wish to collaborate by teaching, serving as conversational aids and tutoring while in Costa Rica. Onsite orientation and training will be provided by the program coordinator.

Social Work – Day Care Center

Interns will work with a network of organizations dedicated to providing social services within distinct sectors of Costa Rican society, each with different needs.  Social work internships focus on caring for children in underprivileged and high social risk communities. The centers provide child care, education, meals and nutrition plans.

Social Work

This program focuses on supporting underprivileged women in high risk communities. The center provides group therapy and individual sessions for victims of abuse and human trafficking.

Social Work – Human Rights

Work with a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that aims to restore families who have been victims of commercial sexual exploitation or human trafficking, providing positive changes through education and life skill training with the hope of helping them to re-enter society and improving their overall quality of life.

Molecular Marine Biology

Interns will collaborate in field activities to collect tissue samples of the studied species from different coastline locations, which may include fishing villages and ports. Students will also participate in laboratory activities involving DNA extraction, PCR amplification and the visualization of the PCR product in agarose gel and working with DNA sequences at the Biomolecular Laboratory on campus. We currently have several samples collected from Costa Rican waters from various invertebrate and vertebrate marine species, which could be used for a research proposal, in case the student wishes to work solely in the laboratory and refrain from field work during his/her stay.

For more information contact Pamela Badilla