Biocenter - Self-sustaining Bioclimatic Center, Guanacaste

  • Sustainable Construction
  • Orchard
  • Forest Garden
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Goat Pasture
  • Piggery
  • Amphibian Pond
  • Beehives
  • Bird Watcher’s Lookout
  • Herbarium
  • Natural Fibers Workshop
  • Community Relations

Biomol - Biomelecular Laboratory for teaching and research activities

  • Children’s education program with 3D shark and turtle modules
  • Panama Ministry of Environment: Identification of seized shark fins
  • Research

Unplastic - Bringing awareness about the consequences of using plastic

  • Veritas University
  • Replicates in coastal communities (Parismina and El Cocal)

Joint Work

  • Tortuguero National Park  Science Station: Biodigestor and rainwater harvesting
  • Research: Sharks, manatees and bats (Tortuguero National Park)
  • Home gardening + Mobile FabLab