Study Abroad Student Refund Policy

Center for International Programs

 Effective July 2014-July 2015


1. The $195 registration fee is not refundable and should be payed prior to the commencement of the program. This is a one time fee. Students who are returning to Veritas will not have to pay it again.
2. International students are required to pay full tuition and fees within the first 2 Weeks of classes.

Refund of Tuition Fees

1. International students are entitled to a full refund of tuition fees (except registration fee) if:
• they are not issued an appropriate visa; or
• They are unable to attend the program at all.

2. Students who have been excluded (expelled) will not be entitled to a refund of any program tuition or fees.

3. After the first week of classes there will be no full refunds whatsoever.
• A partial refund is available in case of death in the immediate family or if the student suffers a serious illness or a critical accident which requires hospitalization.

4. In case of these emergency situations, partial refunds can be requested; the bursar will retain 25% of the tuition of courses that have already begun and 15% of any other course prior to commencement of classes. (See chart below)

Refund of Service Fees

1. Students are entitled to a refund of optional service fees paid to the University as follows:
a) Homestay: up-front minimum payment of 4 weeks rent is non-refundable. Additional unused rent is refunded if 2 weeks’ notice is given deducting 15%.
b) Internship Fee. Refundable only when no placement can be found.

2. The University will refund Overseas Student Health Cover fees in accordance with the National Insurance providers’ refund policy (where the University has arranged on the student’s behalf).

Transfer of Tuition Fees

1. Upon request, a student may use refunded tuition fees for which he/she is entitled towards tuition fees applicable to a future Universidad Veritas program or course for that student. Fees may be transferred to another person but the recipient of transference must pay the registration fee.

Program Cancellation Fee

Cancellation of payed fees

Cancellation Fee retained by bursar

Prior to commencement of the teaching period 15% of tuition fees for the teaching period
Emergency case: Within the first week of commencement 25% of tuition fees for the teaching period
After the first week of classes 100% of tuition fees for the teaching period


Requests for Refund

1. Prior to arrival or commencement of the first teaching period (day of orientation) and within the first week of the program notice of cancellation and requests for refund are to be made to the Center for International Programs.

2. After commencement of the first teaching period, requests for refunds must be submitted in writing addressed to the Bursar and submitted to:

Señor Gerente Financiero
Oficina Financiera
P.O. Box 1380-1000
San José Costa Rica

Or cc:

3. Payment of refunds will be made within 4 weeks of receiving a written request for a refund from the student or institution.

4. Refunds for international students will be made in the same currency in which the fees were paid and to the party who has entered into the contract with the University, unless that party directs the University in writing to pay the refund to someone else. A statement explaining how the refund amount has been calculated will be provided

5. Students may appeal to the Bursar in writing regarding refund disputes.