alewebStemming from our commitment to sustainability, Veritas’ Urban Sustainability campaign has branched into multiple projects designed to help students gain an intimate understanding of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In 1993, Veritas founded the Center for International Programs (CIP) to provide international study abroad students with a purposeful international educational experience. The program not only focuses on language acquisition, but on sustainability and other contemporary global issues.  In 2015, we launched the Urban Sustainability campaign, which includes hands-on projects such as organic herb gardening, rainwater collection, the Sustainable Development Congress, and completion of the Biomolecular Laboratory, which allows students to work on environmental conservation and traceability projects.  The CIP is committed to helping students foster their awareness of global social and ecological issues, as well as Costa Rica´s increasing involvement in sustainable development. Our goal is to educate future leaders in an environment of collaboration, critical thinking, interdisciplinary collaboration and sustainable problem-solving. Study abroad students who participate in our sustainability-focused courses, internships and research assignments will have the opportunity to get involved in real-life societal issues and community education programs.

The best way to achieve the 2030 Agenda, Transforming our World, is to educate young people about how to become active participants in the creation of innovative solutions to pressing contemporary problems.

Sustainability Conference


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